When a death occurs, a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) of the deceased will be issued to the family, usually by a doctor. You need to register the death within 24 hours, with the CCOD and the NRIC of the deceased. This can be done at any Police Divisional Headquarters, Neighbourhood Police Centre, Neighbourhood Police Post. Upon the registration, the CCOD will be retained, the NRIC hole-punched and returned to you, and a Death Certificate will be issued.

You will need the death cert to

  • engage a funeral director
  • place an obituary in the papers
  • make arrangements for cremation or burial
  • deregister the deceased accounts

You have to call your area town council to reserve the void deck for the funeral if you are living in a HDB flat. The funeral director will set up the funeral.

To submit an obituary, you will need to gather the names and relationships of the family of the deceased (for Chinese) and go to an SPH office to publish. Depending on the size, cost is from S$400 to S$1000+.

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